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About Us

NEWS ON THE BREAK is an online news platform built to provide reliable, verifiable and authentic source of news from Nigeria; Politics, Security, Economy, Health, and any topic that is news. The medium operated by NEBOLABS is based in Benin City, Nigeria and was founded in July, 2012. We bring the story as it breaks followed by in-depth analysis and perspectives. Our approach is a mix of professionalism, experience, trend and creativity. NEWS ON THE BREAK is aware of the competition but not intimidated because we offer the alternative option of human interest guided by truth. We believe that humanity is increasingly hungry for news and is strongly influenced by what is read or heard. There is therefore a need to keep the tap of information flowing unhindered, yet taking the responsibility to preserve fairness and equity among mankind without tinkering with the story. Our online effort is only the beginning of multifaceted media operations. NEWS ON THE BREAK will grow into other mode of publications and extend to broadcasting through content generation for our multi-media audience.